Scope of Gaming Blogs in India

Gaming blogs in india

Friends, today we will talk about the scope of Gaming Blogs in India.As you know the competition in blogging has increased a lot and now it is very difficult for the blogger to get his blog to rank well in Google.

Gaming Blogs

Gaming blogs is not all about Downloading Games, talking about pros and cons of a game but full analysis of game with important links and scope of game.

Gaming blog must include all the game with full details like gameplay,bugs,developer’s effort and beta version. Gaming blogger must talk every aspect of a game and scope of game in esports and game’s popularity.

Gaming is a topic in which you will see something new everyday, whether it is PC Gaming or Mobile Gaming or PS / Xbox. Many people have become serious about Gaming in India, and have started seeing it as a good career.

So if you create a blog related to Gaming, such as Gaming Review, Gameplay or information about new games, then you can do good in it and you can also write on the new Gaming topics.

After the arrival of PUBG and PUBG Mobile, there has been a new passion for Gaming in children, Like in India, where few years ago gaming was considered a timepass and a waste of time, today people are making a career in it.

By creating  Gaming Blogs, you can not only give your opinion and comments about different games, but you can also write about gaming streamers and Gaming tournament going on in Youtube/Twitch.

I saw a website in which you are given information only about PUBG Mobile and there is a lot of traffic in it. Even in YouTube, you will find many such channels in which there is only Gaming talk or gameplay video.

If you see, only GTA Vice city game which is very old but still people search about it in Google and not only that but there are many such games which are very good but people do not know about them.

Even in the Gaming Guruji Blog too, you get information only about mobile’s premium and trending games, so if you have good knowledge about old games then you can share with everyone from a Gaming blog.

Since you invest your time and money in a blog, you will also want a return from it so that you can wish to do more blogging and you can always be motivated to write good articles.

Gaming Blogs If you look in India, there are many but most blogs have been made either on download or just about a game, but you should create a blog that contains information as well as entertainment.

Earning From Gaming Blogs

As everyone knows, PUBG Mobile’s competitive matches go on throughout the year and if you just create information about PUBG Mobile’s competitive match and a blog about the team, then I think your Gaming Blog will not only be popular but you will be good to get lots of traffic and earning from ads.

Not only this, if you want to earn from affilate marketing, then you can earn money by selling gaming chair, laptop and many items with the help of a Gaming Blog.

I am writing this article just to give you information because I do not have much money now that I can invest in blogging, since I have this domain, for this I thought that through this, I should give information whatever is related to Gaming.

There is not much search of Gaming Blog right now in Google, except for game download but in the coming time, gaming blogs will become quite popular because the way people are creating gaming channels in YouTube and gaming more than 12 hours, then soon the big companies of India will join Esports and then people will search in Google for information.

So if you have not yet created any Gaming Blog, start today, and promote Gaming in India so that the Indian gaming community in Esports has a name in the whole world.